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Use ICON Credit Risk Monitoring Tool to Avoid Credit Risks


Late payment or unpaid invoices are an inevitable part of any business. The first step to avoid the probability of default begins with understanding the financial situation of your customer. Knowing your customer, its company details, financial stability, payment behavior, credit history, etc. will help you to avoid bad deals and reduce credit risks. ICON, a new business intelligence platform developed by Coface designed to help businesses assess debtors' and suppliers' financial situation.

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U.S.Economy: an infrastructure package to support the recovery [#ExpressEco]


In the past 18 months, the US congress authorized more than 25% of GDP in spending to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic

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When Should You Consider Engaging A Third Party Debt Collection Service for Your Business?


The settlement of debts owed by either another company or an individual is a common challenge that businesses often experience. Debt collection can be a complex and highly involved process. It is time-consuming, especially if the debtor refuses to cooperate. Therefore, it makes sense to consider leveraging the services of a third-party debt collector.

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Coface achieves record net income of €67.7m in the third quarter


Turnover of first nine months: €1,158m, up +7.9% at constant FX and perimeter, and up +8.9% in Q3-2021

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Barometer Q3 2021: Supply chain and inflation headwinds hamper the global recovery


As the Covid-19 situation begins to improve, notably with the implementation of vaccination campaigns, there has been a rebound in consumption, particularly in developed countries. For emerging countries, the economic recovery is benefiting export-oriented countries, but service-dependent economies are lagging behind. Read our in-depth analysis in our latest Country and Sector Risk Barometer.

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