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Credit Opinion

Evaluate Your Trade Credit Risk Worldwide

Payment defaults and delivery issues can cause severe damage to your business. But when you get the right information about your debtors at the right time, you can avoid such issues and act ahead of events. Coface Credit Opinion can help you avoid the stress of making credit decisions. It contains a brief assessment of the company’s business situation, insolvency risk and the recommended credit limit. The report is a credit risk management tool that helps in establishing credit limits for new and existing customers. We use our credit opinion to guide our credit insurance options. If it’s wrong, we pay our insured customers. So it’s in our and your interests to get it right.

What does Credit Opinion contain?

  • Coface Credit Recommendation - Recommended amount based on a risk assessment that leverages our expertise in risk analysis, our unique data and global scope.
  • Debtor Risk Assessment Score - Score assessing the probability of default of a company, displayed on a unique scale from 0 to 10.
  • Country Risk Assessment - Overall credit risk evaluation of companies within one country displayed into 8 steps scale from A1 to E. The Country Risk Assessment is available on 162 countries.


Coface credit opinion
  • Analysis of millions of global data sets and exclusive credit information
  • Information is adjusted for external shocks to the economy according to a company’s sector, size and geographic location
  • A monitored credit score is included to help assess current probability of default

If you need a detailed overview of the financial situation of future or existing business partners, then Coface Credit Opinion is the right product for you. Contact us today for a free consultation!


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