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Monitoring Services

Easily Track Your Business And Improve Your Decisions

By using the monitoring services,  you shall closely track your business partners with agility and improve your decision-making. You will make critical decisions with confidence, avoid credit losses or delivery issues but also seize opportunities to grow your business.

What are Coface Monitoring Services?


Getting a detailed overview, a score or a credit opinion on future or existing business partners is essential in the risk management strategy but a single verification is not enough. The detection and the notification of early warning signs make sure you detect difficulties faced by your business partners or you identify business opportunities.


Monitoring your partners can be hard and difficult, especially when they are located in a different country. It is easy to order the monitoring on all companies, wherever they are with Coface international monitoring services.


Which information is monitored?

  • Snapshot Report - The Default Monitoring is warning you on any event relating to the deterioration of the company’s situation: insolvency, late payments, Quick rate, and Coface Adjustment downgrades.
  • Full Report - The Risk Monitoring alerts you as soon as any modification takes place in more than 20 criteria like financials, Credit Score, Coface Adjustment, and Maximum Credit Recommendation.
  • Score - The monitored DRA keeps you up-to-date on how the Coface’s score changes in more than 90 countries.
  • Credit Opinion - The monitored @Credit Opinion informs you of any upgrade and downgrade of the Coface credit recommendation.

What are the benefits of Coface Monitoring services?

  • Improve your decision-making processes - Changes in data of your monitored portfolio will trigger an alert and you will be immediately notified. Coface works for you.

  • Internationalize your business - You benefit from the best geographical monitoring coverage in the world based on our extensive network of information sources.

  • Trust our expertise - From our Credit Insurance activity, we identify and track for you key information to minimize risks. Benefit from our adapted monitoring solutions.

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